Our Team

The Navigate team consists of seasoned professionals with proven records of success in growing and protecting clients’ financial assets.

We adhere to CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

C. Johan Grahs, CFA

Johan is an investment manager and works with high net worth individuals and families to develop investment plans and manage investment portfolios. He is a native of Sweden and held a number of sales management positions prior to pursuing his bachelor and masters degrees in the United States. Johan has been involved in most aspects of capital markets, both as an investment banker and investment manager. [Read more…]

Caleb R. Hopkins, CFA, CFP®

Caleb is a wealth manager for high net worth individuals, families and private foundations. He is a native of Jasper, Alabama, and has worked in multiple roles in the area of finance before private wealth management. His passion is helping clients find peace of mind by navigating a complex and often confusing process for his clients. [Read more…]